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Final List Of Candidates KROYNAS Scholarship 2022 Name of Candidate Region / Country Dr Karthik S Chennai, India Dr Chhavi Bhati India Dr Padmavathi S Chennai, India Geetika Raj Pune, India Dr. Sinny Goel Delhi, India Dr. Suryajit Saini Chandigarh, India List of candidates who qualified for the written exam for KROYNAS Scholarship conducted on

Ready to find out more? Periodontal Genetics Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) for periodontitis have investigated measures, including the presence or absence of disease, quantitative measures of periodontal status, severe presentations of disease, molecular and microbial intermediaries of disease and composite phenotypes such as GWAS for principal components which aim to capture multiple facets of

Genes That Make You Smoke! Over the years, observations on smoking patterns have confirmed that genetics play a role in one’s predisposition to smoking and nicotine addiction. Over 1.1 billion people around the world smoke cigarettes, with smoking being considered the leading cause of avoidable deaths. But which genes in particular make this happen? a)

Image Source: express.co We all know that the process of oral hygiene maintenance is incomplete without the essential ‘swish’ of a mouthwash. In Fact, now it is ingrained in our routine oral care system. But, What if using these mouthwashes on a regular basis is rather exposing us to increased risk of diabetes? A study

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