A group of ribonucleic acids..Sensitive salivary biomarkers in diagnosis of cancers! The postulation that RNA and DNA govern each and every function of the human body is now becoming apparent owing to the continuously evolving and expanding field of genomics, proteomics molecular biology, bioinformatics and so on.. There is a substantial enhancement in understanding several […]

Salivary ELISA Assays Salivary Cortisol ELISA (SLV2930) Salivary Progesterone ELISA (SLV2931) Estradiol (human) ELISA (SLV2932) Salivary DHEA ELISA (SLV3012) Salivary Testosterone ELISA (SLV3013) Salivary 17-OH Progesterone ELISA (SLV3140) Salivary Free Estriol ELISA (SLV3653) Salivary Estradiol ELISA (SLV4188) Salivary DHEA-S ELISA (SLV4409) Salivary Cortisol HS ELISA (SLV4635) Salivary IgA ELISA (SLV4636) Melatonin (direct) Saliva ELISA (SLV4779)

Saliva Testing For: 17OH-Progesterone free in saliva (DESLV3140) Androstenedione free in saliva (DESLV4780) Cortisol free in saliva (DES6611) DHEA free in saliva (DESLV3012) Estradiol free in saliva (DESLV4188) Progesterone free in saliva (DES6633) Secretory IgA (DEXK276) Write to us at drgargi@genedent.com for a quotation Products from: Demeditec Diagnostics GmbH,  Kiel, Germany

Mini•SAL™ and Midi•SAL™ Mini•SAL™ and Midi•SAL™ DNA isolation kits for superior extraction of high-quality genomic DNA from saliva and/or buccal cells. These kits have been specifically optimized for use with the DNA•SAL™ Salivary DNA Collection Device, but may be used effectively with other methods of saliva collection, subject to satisfactory validation. NOTE: The sample collected using the DNA•SAL™ Salivary DNA

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The odontogenic cysts and tumours are the rare but devastating disorders of the oral cavity. The etiology of most of them is undetermined with a probable genetic component in most of the cases. Although, most of these conditions can be managed by enucleation or extraction of involved tooth, but the invasive treatment affects the oral

Salivary mircroRNA and early diagnosis of periodontal problemsMicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a large family of about 22-nucleotide-long, non-coding, single-stranded RNA molecules that that inhibit gene expression post-transcriptionally by pairing with complementary sequences in their target mRNA. miRNAs are a pivotal component of host-pathogen interactions and host immune responses toward microorganisms. The similarity between miRNA profiles of

Get Introduced To Saliva DiagnosticsWelcome to Saliva Annex! A unique endeavour by Indian Academy For Clinical And Dental Genetics (#IACDG) #Saliva Annex is a monthly free webinar series catering to the fascinating field of saliva diagnostics. Saliva as a biological fluid has immense potential in itself. This webinar series will try to focus on all

The function of human body is so impeccable! Every process in the body starting from a single celled-stage to a full grown, well developed individual involve a cascade of events including expression of a number of genes at specific time and site in the particular tissues during the intra uterine life as well as postnatally

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