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IDGCD 2023 International Conference Dental Genetics And Clinical Diagnostics Chapter 2.0 Theme: Practice of Research July 11 – 13, 2023 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm IST Focus Areas: Genomics & Genetics, Artificial Intelligence, Research Careers Free Registration Speakers Learn from our reputed Speakers from Industry and Academia Debjani Saha AGM – Marketing, Premas Life Sciences

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Book Your FREE Online Spot The objective of this program is to create awareness about the importance of technology among aspiring healthcare professionals and help them explore newer career paths Free Registration

Welcome to “Ask Me Anything” aka AMA session for our upcoming in-person program happening at Golden Jubilee Biotech Park, Chennai ! Join the YouTube LIVE AMA session at 8:00 pm IST on November 2, 2022 How Will The AMA Session Be Useful To You? This AMA session will help you understand common FAQs like what

5D of Gen-X Dentistry Registrations Open A well-known fact is that our mouth is the first to reflect when something goes wrong in our body. This reminds us that a dentist is one who can identify any disease at a much earlier stage be it a lifestyle disorder like diabetes, infectious disease like CoVID,

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