Free AMA Session About 5D Gen-X In-Person Program

Welcome to “Ask Me Anything” aka AMA session for our upcoming in-person program happening at Golden Jubilee Biotech Park, Chennai !

Join the YouTube LIVE AMA session at 8:00 pm IST on November 2, 2022

How Will The AMA Session Be Useful To You?

This AMA session will help you understand common FAQs like what is this 5D Gen X workshop all about, key points about dental inventions etc.

The best part is you can also put your questions directly to our Mentor during the LIVE session!

What is 5D Gen-X Dentistry Program?

It is an in-person Dental StartUp Mentorship and Clinical Dental Genetics Hands-on Training program to equip you with a 360 degree knowledge of how to start on an idea, create a dental startup from scratch, translate360-degree the idea into clinical applications for patient benefit, and steps to apply for grants and funding to achieve the goal.

The primary objective is to give a new perspective and complete understanding of how the 5 dimensions of our oral environment i.e., saliva, breath, teeth, gums and microbiota can be utilised for early diagnosis and prediction of lifestyle diseases (e.g. diabetes), infectious diseases (e.g. Covid), terminal diseases (e.g. cancer)  and maintaining overall patient wellness by implementing analytical, biochemical and molecular biology applications.

Open to all Dental & Life Sciences Enthusiasts!

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