5D of Gen-X Dentistry

A well-known fact is that our mouth is the first to reflect when something goes wrong in our body. This reminds us that a dentist is one who can identify any disease at a much earlier stage be it a lifestyle disorder like diabetes, infectious disease like CoVID, terminal disease like cancer and obviously oral diseases.

Another popular fact is that the world is moving toward a more non-invasive, holistic approach to disease diagnosis and treatment.

So, here are a few thoughts that you must consider as a new era dental professional: 

  • Do you think that a dentist in the future will be a custodian of people’s overall health in terms of predicting diseases and maintaining wellness?
  • As a dentist are you aware of the hidden gold-mine of knowledge that lies with the patient’s saliva, breath, oral microbes, teeth and gums that can be used to diagnose lifestyle diseases, infectious diseases, terminal diseases as well as maintain wellness?
  • Are you a dental professional looking to advance your holistic skills and increase clientele?
  • Are you a dentist who wants to venture into areas and innovate new modalities to improve your patients’ quality of life?

If you have answered “ Yes’ to any one or all of the above, then you are at the right place! 

Join the Live in-person program on….

Clinical Dental Genetics & Dental StartUp Mentorship Program!

and take your dentistry career to the next level

Hosted & Organised By:

Indian Academy for Clinical & Dental Genetics

In Collaboration with

Golden Jubilee Biotech Park For Women

(Supported by BIRAC & DBT, Govt. of India)


Program Details

12 November 2022 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tour To Golden Jubilee Biotech Park Chennai
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Molecular Genetics Hands-on at Bionest
Sequencing & Microarray Demo at MDRF
Exclusive Sessions On Dental Start-up Formation
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Networking Lunch
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Certification Ceremony

Program Details:

Date: November 12, 2022 (Saturday)

Timing: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm IST

Host: Indian Academy For Clinical And Dental Genetics, Branch of KROYNAS Pvt. Ltd

Co-host: Golden Jubilee Biotech Park, Chennai 

Open to:

Dental students (UG & PG), Freshers, Dental Practitioners, Dental Faculty, Lifesciences and Biomedical Science enthusiasts

Objective of the program: 

  1. To give a new perspective and complete understanding of analytical, biochemical and molecular biology applications in early diagnosis and prediction of lifestyle diseases (e.g. diabetes), infectious diseases (e.g. Covid), terminal diseases (e.g. cancer)  and maintaining overall patient wellness 
  2. To equip you with a 360 degree knowledge of how to start on an idea, creating a dental start-up from scratch, translating the idea into clinical applications for patient benefit, and steps to apply for grants and funding to achieve the goal.

What will you learn:

Part 1:

Hands-on training and demonstration

Learn the practical aspects of the 5 dimensions of clinical dental genetics and how to apply this knowledge in disease diagnosis and wellness maintenance through

i)  biochemical and molecular analysis of salivary biomarkers,

ii) analytical chemistry techniques (e.g. HPLC) for breath analysis,

iii) interpretation of molecular analysis of oral microbiome markers,

iv) genomic DNA analysis of teeth and

v) protein biomarker analysis of gums.

Part 2: 

Exclusive lecture sessions

  1. Dental startup formation: Step – by- step guidance
  2. Sales and Marketing strategies for a start – up
  3. Secrets of Funding and grant  application


Dr Shriram Raghavan, Vice-President, Jananom Private Limited, Coimbatore

Dr.D.Sudhakaran Iyer, Director, Golden Jubilee Biotech Park For Women, Chennai

Dr Gargi Roy Goswami, Director, KORYNAS Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Mentors

Mrs. C. Priyadarshini, Technical Officer, Biotech Park, Chennai

Ms T. Saktheeswari, Technical Executive, Biotech Park, Chennai

Organising Team

Dr Rujuta Patil, Scientific Head, KROYNAS Pvt. Ltd

Dr Pooja Chakraborty, Senior Scientific Coordinator, KROYNAS Pvt. Ltd

Dr Kanchan Dhake, Business Coordinator, KROYNAS Pvt Ltd

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