A Blueprint To Achieve Your Dream Career: Solving 3 Biggest Challenges

By 2026 the Oral care industry is expected to reach USD 54.9 billion which is 47.2 Billion in 2021 as per CAGR Report.


This indicates the impact of oral healthcare research on the industry and also in creating jobs and introducing more entrepreneurs. Well this is just one example!


Three big challenges that are the main reasons for roadblock for researchers, clinicians and doctors looking for better career prospects are mentioned below:

Challenge 1: Research Design

A research study needs a flow process to line up the whole theme of research of the specified subject. Conducting research as per the area of expertise is a challenge as it needs sound subject knowledge along with equipment in the laboratory. Besides the basic requirements, a research can be conducted with the help of a perfect research design suitable to the study conducted. It is very important to have unique research designs instead of pre-existing designs. It is often a big challenge to have your own research designs, a detailed understanding of the concepts can help you improve your designs.

Challenge 2: Practical implementation

Another big challenge is converting the research design for practical implementation. The ideation stage of research has many phases which project the possible outcomes of the research. Implementing research ideas practically and achieving desired results is yet another huge challenge. Many of the research projects hit a dead-end at this phase due to hurdles in practical implementation. This needs a thorough understanding of research methodologies. 

Challenge 3: Integration of research with clinical practice

Research and regular clinical practice happen separately, as both of the activities need specified levels of understanding. If you conduct a clinical practice, there might not be much time left for doing research and vice versa. It happens the same in the case of routine treatment, which cannot happen simultaneously with research. Having research and the regular practices co-exist is a big challenge. 

Here we bring to you a one stop solution to all these three major challenges!

Fellowship In Dental Genetics And Clinical Diagnostics

This course covers the majority of your research concerns and helps you to counter the challenges faced. It makes you research ready and result oriented progress. Modules of the course are designed to assist practice of the best research procedures. It gives an insight about how to make research an integral process of your practice. It changes your fundamental perspective of research and makes it more enjoyable.

We focus on answering the major challenges posed while conducting research and remove the hurdles in the process. All of these are dealt in modules wise and leave a valuable experience for the learner at the end. 

Module 1 :Concepts of Basic Sciences

The module covers the basics of science such as genes, gene structure, chromosomes, alleles, traits, clinical epigenetics in dentistry, meta genomics, immunology, genetic variation, infectogenomics of oral diseases, and all about important information on genetics of oral diseases.  

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Module 2 :How to Conduct Evidence-based Clinical Research

Module no. 2 shows insight about conducting evidence-based clinical research in an elaborated step-by-step procedure. Good Clinical Practice and clinical trials give in-depth knowledge about key practices to be followed in research. The end of the module is covered by the step-by-step guide as promised along with a project activity.

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Module 3: Tools & Techniques for Interdisciplinary Research

This module introduces the concept of interdisciplinary research related to dental sciences. It also throws a light on the tools and techniques needed for interdisciplinary research. We also focus on how to apply a futuristic approach to diagnose dental disorders. 

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Module 4 : Art of Research Proposal Writing

This module helps you to learn how to write an effective Research proposal which is vital for presenting your research thesis. The course material is equipped with a readymade blueprint for proposals and for pitching innovative ideas and for pursuing higher studies. 

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Module 5: Oral Healthcare Research Career Pathway Blueprint

This module is the answer for many of you who are dreaming to start their careers in oral healthcare research. A step-by-step guidance will be provided on where to begin, what to do and how to move forward to pursue your dream career.  

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Module 6:  Principles of Research Collaboration and Funding Overview 

The final module introduces you to the world of research collaborations which can help your research to reach the scientific community. Also we give you the overview of how to apply for funding and how to make your research eligible for funding. 

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Apply for Scholarship to attend the Fellowship in Dental Genetics and Clinical Diagnostics! Last Date of Application: March 31, 2022. Click here to apply.

Note: Once closed, the call for scholarship will be open only next year

Course Features And Benefits


  • Detailed Training
  • Simple to Understand
  • Step by Step Guidance
  • Case Studies Based Course
  • Engaging Activities


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Accredited by American Council of Training and Development (ACTD), New Jersey, USA

  • Advance in Career
  • Achieve In depth Knowledge
  • Guidance about Funding and Grants
  • Receive Certification with international accreditation

Course Details

Download Brochure: Course starts on August 15, 2022

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