Stressed Or Anxious?

Saliva can Tell the Tale: Case Report

Case Report
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The hormones released at the time of stress and anxiety determine the player’s state of mind. The released hormones impact the performance of the player either negative or positive. Determining the nature of these hormones will be helpful to assess the player’s mental profile. 


Saliva is a digestive secretion in our mouth to digest food as a part of the human digestive system. Saliva acts as a primary gate of defense mechanism to combat bacteria and viruses. Recent Research about stress has revealed the role of Saliva in assessing body stress levels. This case study throws light on the possibilities and further details of the research.

Background Infromation

Sports science is one of the fastly emerging branches of science. Studies have been developed to measure the physiological changes inside the human body with sports activities. International sports boards and agencies have adopted many methods to assess the player’s mental and physical before playing. Apart from this, any individual involved in sports activities, both outdoor and indoor, are found to be subjected to certain levels of stress and anxiety. Whether the player is about to win a match or in a losing position, stress levels vary, leading to the release of hormones. 



  • The study of such hormones responsible for causing stress is found to bring practical approaches in sports medicine.
  • The stress hormones are present in the blood along with Saliva. The hormone analysis through Saliva is a painless, non-invasive method without any complex procedures.
  • In this way, players can easily participate in the testing methods before playing—the release of ‘Cortisol’ when a person determines whether that person is stressed or anxious.
  • Estimating the levels of salivary cortisol is expected to make a path-breaking change in sports medicine. 


The increased sports activity across the globe with the entertainment industry boom has increased the stress on the players. Pressure for performance has led to chronic stress among athletes, and the need for sports psychologists has spiked up over the past few years. The introduction of Saliva-based Hormonal assessment is an excellent finding in maintaining the players’ mental health and keeping stress levels at bay. Doing so would automatically impact performance.

In simple words, your Saliva would say whether you will win or lose!

Online Course

Online Course
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An overall and detailed understanding about the various aspects of working with saliva as a biological test sample, salivary biomarker analysis, advanced saliva collection tools (detailed information and demonstration of tools) and more

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