Fellowship In Dental Genetics And Clinical Research Course For Beginners (Version 2.0)

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About Course

26 Weeks Online Course

Accredited By: American Council Of Training And Development (ACTD), New Jersey, USA  


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  • Includes: Self-paced learning videos and Live interactive activity sessions with recordings at regular intervals
  • Course content access: Lifetime
  • Capstone Project: Develop a research proposal to apply knowledge gained in real-life case situations and

UG and PG students are eligible to Apply for a Scholarship 

Welcome to the Fellowship in Dental Genetics and Clinical Research Version 2.0, a globally accredited program designed to provide comprehensive training in the dynamic and rapidly-evolving field of dental genetics and clinical research.

Our program is designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your career and make meaningful contributions to the field.

Course Mentors:

Dr Gargi Roy Goswami, Founder & Director, KROYNAS, India

Dr Rujuta Patil Kulkarni, Scientific Director, KROYNAS, India


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What Will You Learn?

  • ✔️Academic Research
  • ✔️Clinical Research
  • ✔️Unique Private Practice using an Evidence-based approach
  • ✔️A Bridge to Higher Studies
  • Furthermore, completion of the Fellowship in Dental Genetics and Clinical Research online course can serve as a bridge to higher studies.
  • Participants can use the knowledge and skills gained in the course to pursue a Master's degree or a PhD in #dentalgenetics, #clinicalresearch, or a related field. The Fellowship provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the field, which can be built upon in advanced studies.

Course Content

Introduction to Fellowship in Dental Genetics & Clinical Research Program

  • Course Workflow, Evaluation and Certification Details

How To Access Course Content

Week 1 : Basic Genetics
This module will help you to get an overall and simplified understanding of the basic concepts of genetic sciences and its applications in disease diagnosis and treatment. This module aims to build a strong foundation of important concepts of basic sciences that will help you to move ahead to get a clear picture of  complex pathophysiology under oral and medical diseases

Week 2: Central Dogma of Life

Week 3: Genetic Mutations

Week 4: Genetic Variation & Polymorphism

Week 5: What is Genetic Susceptibility

Week 6: Gene Mapping

Week 7: Epigenetics and Oral Diseases

Week 8: Genetics of Oral Cancer

Week 9: Genetics of Periodontal Disease

Week 10: Genetics of Craniofacial Disorders

Week 13: Genetics and Precision Medicine

Week 14: Interdisciplinary Research Areas Related to Dental Sciences

Week 15: Basic Molecular Diagnostic Techniques Used in Dental Research

Week 16: Basic Concepts of Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS) in Dentistry

Week 12: Applications of Dental Genetics in Forensics

Week 11: Applications of Oral Microbial Genetics in Disease Diagnosis

Week 17: Futuristic Approach to Disease Diagnosis

Week 18: What is Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in Clinical Research

Week 19: What is Clinical Trial

Week 20: How to Conduct Evidence-based Clinical Research

Week 21: How to Write a Research Proposal

Week 22: Things to Do to Pursue A Dental Research Career

Week 23: Unexplored Career Options Existing in the Industry as a Dental Researcher

Week 24 -26 Capstone Project: Creating A Research Proposal

Bonus Module : Implant Genetics

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