26 Weeks Didactic Online Course

Fellowship In Dental Genetics & Clinical Research

Accredited By:

American Council of Training & Development (ACTD), USA

Welcome to the Fellowship in Dental Genetics and Clinical Research, a program designed to provide dental professionals with comprehensive training in the dynamic and rapidly-evolving field of dental genetics and clinical research.

Our program is designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your career and make meaningful contributions to the field.

How Will This Fellowship Help You BuilD Your Dream CAreer

Range of Career Paths

Academic Research:

Graduates of the Fellowship can pursue careers in academia, conducting research in dental genetics and clinical research at universities or research institutions.

Clinical Research:

Participants can pursue careers in clinical research, working with pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, or contract research organizations.

Unique Private Practice:

The knowledge and skills gained in the course can also be applied to private dental practice, allowing participants to offer specialized services and treatments to their patients.

 A Bridge to Higher Studies:

Participants can use the knowledge and skills gained in the course to pursue a Master’s degree or a PhD in dental genetics, clinical research, or a related field. 

It is 100% online. You can study from any part of the globe

Yes. There will be several modules where you can watch the course videos at your convenient time.

Yes. Of Course! The Certificate of completion is accredited by the American Council of Training and Development (ACTD), New Jersey USA. Hence, it is globally accepted.

Yes. Definitely! No prior domain or subject knowledge is required. Our mentors will start teaching you from the basics and take it to the advanced level

You have lifetime access to the course content after enrolling!

Yes. You can do that.

Yes. You can pay the course fee in three interest-free EMIs. For EMI payment you can contact our team through Whatsapp message only at +91 7972560031

Why Choose Our Program

Expert Faculty

Our faculty members are leading experts in dental genetics and clinical research with extensive experience in the field and are passionate about helping you succeed in your career.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of dental genetics and clinical research, from the basics of genetics to the latest research methods and techniques

Hands-On Training

Our program offers extensive virtual hands-on training in dental genetics and clinical research, techniques allowing you to apply what you've learned in real-world settings

Certificate of Participation

Get a globally accepted certificate of participation accredited by the American Council for Training and Development (ACTD), USA

Networking Opportunities

Building a network with like-minded dental professionals can be invaluable as you build your career in terms of collaboration, mentorship, and ongoing learning.

Capstone Project

This project allows you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to apply what you've learned to a real-world problem or research question

Who can benefit

Graduates interested in pursuing a career in research and academia
Dental students looking to gain research experience and enhance their CV
Early career researchers interested in studying the genetic basis of dental conditions
Dentists looking to expand their knowledge to practice evidence-based clinical dentistry
Topics That Will Be Covered


Dental Genetics, Clinical Research, Career Scopes & Job Application

What Will You Gain Out of this fellowship Program

How Will Be The Course Conducted

The course includes self-paced learning videos


Identifying Your Interest

Getting introduced to each other is  a good way to start to  understand your interests and expectations reiterating how the fellowship can solve them


Brianstorming Activities

The activities in the program are designed to empower  you to self-evaluate and to help  you understand what it needs to be improved


Execution-based Approach

This fellowship is all about applications of tips, tricks and strategies that you will learn and can apply immediately to take you to the next level 


Question & Answer

Exclusive LIVE questions and queries of participants will be arranged in the course along with insights and sharing of helpful resources for self-study

Course Faculty

Dr Gargi roy Goswami
Founder & Director, KROYNAS, India
Dr rujuta Patil Kulkarni
Scientific Director, KROYNAS, India
What Are You Waiting For...

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Class Hours

You can learn on your own time

Whatsapp Only

For any queries, reach at +91 7972560031

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