3 Hours LIVE Workshop: How To Deliver An Awesome Scientific Poster & Paper Presentation!

What Will You Learn?

  • 12 Tips To Design A Powerful Presentation

  • How To Hook Your Audience

  • How To PresentTechnical Information With Stories

  • 8 Tricks To Deliver Like A Pro

...And Why Should You Join This LIVE Workshop?

You should attend to get rid of your hesitations and fears with public speaking, learn how to deliver a typical scientific content in a very interesting way and how to make yourself stand out of the crowd with engaging content.

In this LIVE workshop, your problems with scientific public speaking will be addressed and solved in real time!


Who Will Be Benefitted From This Workshop?

Any science enthusiast!


Course Instructor:

Dr Gargi Roy Goswami

Founder & Director, IACDG

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