Saliva Technologies

"Very Very insightful experience and scientifically precise and vaulable knowledge has been imparted by simple methods and words"

- Dr Harshvardhan S Jois

"Thank you once again Dr Gargi Roy Goswami for your informative and great course !"

- Merve Üçtaşlı

"Thank you for a very informative course. Well worth my time. I will certainly recommend a course like this to researchers wishing to pursue projects in saliva, oral medicine and dental genomics"

- Dr Manogari Chetty

"This program was very useful and a refresher course for me. Thank you dear Gargi ma'am for providing such wonderful platform for minds that think alike. "

- Dr. Mridula Mohan

"It was a very fascinating journey packed with knowledge, practicalities etc., an eye opener for budding researchers and taught & assessed by a unique teacher whose passion for the subject could be felt throughout this wonderful journey of “Salivonomics”"

- Dr.Vandana Raghunath

"The course was quiet interesting,and acquired a great knowledge about the newer interventions happening in the field of saliva.. As a beginer it was quite helpful..All the weekly sessions were very much fascinating and met the expectation.. Thank you.."


"The course was quiet interesting,and acquired a great knowledge about the newer interventions happening in the field of saliva.. As a beginer it was quite helpful..All the weekly sessions were very much fascinating and met the expectation.. Thank you.."


"A great course and great insight into saliva as diagnostic tool. learned a lot .it also increases your knowledge to carry out any study as well as how to get funding for your studies, Also for normal clinician it improves your knowledge to identify the disease and suggest preventive measures."

- Dr Milin D Desai

"Very informative and process good introduction to saliva studies. Well worth the time and effort "

- Dr Haly Holmes

"I found the course is very informative which enriched my knowledge especially for advance techniques and it also gave good foundation and encouragement for taking saliva based research projects for future. The course was conducted in a professional manner. Thanks to the whole team and Dr Gargi for help immense knoweledge sharing."

- Dr Sowmya Kasetty

"Very well presented and well detailed modules regarding salivary studies. "

- Dr.Deepthi Darwin

"This course gives me a exposure to upgrade myself over the techniques used in the forensics field and it gives me a right track for my future goals. All thanks to our mentors Dr. Gargi Roy ma’am and Dr. Udita ma’am "

- Dr. Kratika Khurana

"Dr.Gargi Roy Goswami and KRYONAS with their team has been very instrumental in dispensing good knowledge about saliva in a very limited time through various teaching approaches. This is a course that every individual looking to research in salivary technologies should register for. Most importantly the whole course is executed professionally, and with good learning resource materials apart from very understandable and simple lectures. The best part of the course is that it is designed to learn from basics to research and guides if one wants to become a bio entrepreneur in salivary technology. I thank Dr.Gargi Roy Goswami , Dr.Udita and the entire KRYONAS team."


Course fees:

National participants: Rs. 4099 + 18% GST


International participants:  98 $ (USD) / 85 Euros

Online Course In Saliva Technologies

Course Objective: This course aims to deliver an overall and detailed understanding about the various aspects of saliva as a biological test sample, salivary biomarker analysis, advanced saliva collection tools (detailed information and demonstration of tools), different technologies for saliva sample analysis (for example, salivary DNA, RNA, proteins), detailed understanding of the problems related to saliva studies and their solutions as well as step-by-step general protocol for developing a saliva based chair -side test (also commercialization strategies) including a real time experience to design a cost effective saliva study through a mini-project module.

Registrations Open

 Drop Us a Line After Payment In Whatsapp (only message no calls) at

+91 8436787974

For any queries mail us at

Who can attend: Open to all science enthusiast - students, faculty or professionals from any field of healthcare (dental, medical, etc.), science and technology. Anyone with an interest to explore more in the field of saliva diagnostics can join the program.

How will the course benefit the participant: A foundation course that will nurture the basics as well as recent advancements in the field of saliva diagnostics, research and development. The course is designed in a way to address any enthusiast at all career levels. The main objective is to enhance the understanding of practical implications of  the inherent science.

How will be the course conducted:The entire 18 hours course will be conducted through online self-paced learning sessions  with extensive brainstorming and innovative activities accompanied by case studies. The detailed schedule will be informed to registered participant.

  • Online Modules:  3-4 videos per week
  • Assignments and Testing Tickers
  • Self-paced learning

What will the participant achieve through the course? This course will help the participant to learn to look beyond the textbook and obtain an overall understanding of various facets of technological applications in early disease diagnosis, non-invasive product development and bioentrepreneurship.

Exam and Certification: The course will terminate with an evaluation exam followed by certification from Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics.

Exam pattern: 

  • 4 Internal Assessments (two per month): MCQs (20 marks) + Case study solving (30 marks) = 50 marks
  • Final certification exam after completion of modules = 50 marks
  • Final Score will be calculated out of 100 marks.

Course fees:

National participants: Rs. 4999 (INR)

International participants:  98 $ (USD) / 85 Euros

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