Here we come to solve your problems and make sure that you become confident enough to start your Research Project on your own, revamp it to a greater heights and proceed with it πŸ˜€
Doesn't matter if you are trying for the first time, or a begginer or you are in mid-career ...this course is for you πŸ‘‰
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πŸ“ŒYou are interested to do some research in the field of your interest and you are confused where to start or to find an idea
πŸ“ŒYou have found a great idea and you are confused with what to include and what not to include
πŸ“ŒYou have already made a summary and now you are unable how much would the project cost you
πŸ“ŒYou are not inside an academic institution and you still wished if you could work on your own project and publish
πŸ“ŒYou are inside the research path already and you have faced lot of problems with vendor selection, finding a correct laboratory or even wasted a lot of money to find a statistician
πŸ“ŒYou are only into clinical practice and have lot of patient data
πŸ“ŒYou want to collaborate with national and international peers for your work ..and not sure how to approach and start a collaboration
πŸ“ŒYou have no or some idea about available grants and funding opportunities and want to explore more
πŸ“ŒYou want to understand and learn the exact blueprint of how to wirte a grant or apply for funds.
Does any of these resonate with you? πŸ˜€
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Online Certificate Course

Course Start Date: 30 May, 2021

Registrations Open

Enquire at

Whatsapp message (no calls): +91 8436787974

Course Format: Basic Course (One Month) & Advanced Course (90 Days)

What will you achieve? By the end of the course, you will be able to :

  • Define a specific research question
  • Formulate a basic framework for a Research plan/ Proposal.
  • Understand Statistical and Clinical significance.
  • Detailed estimation of a project budget.
  • How to write a proposal
  • Select correct vendors, laboratory partners and collaborators
  • Choose a proper Statistician
  • Apply for National and InternationalΒ  Funding (Step by step application guidlines)....and more

Why is planning your research so important?

Planning your research can bring a lot of difference to the results of your research project. This online course will teach you how to create a comprehensive research plan and help you define your research question. You will learn to develop critical questions, develop comprehensive methods and understand the true potential of your research to improve our lives, workplaces and communities. You will be guided with complete planning process of research project Throughout this course to help you conduct your research effectively and turn your ideas into reality.

Register Here for Basic Course

Duration: One Month

*Note: You will be redirected to a different website for payment

Register Here for Advance Course

Duration: 2 Months

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Basic Course Overview: Duration -One Month

Topics' Snapshots

  • Where should you begin the research
  • Types of studies
  • Step by step guidelines to perform a research
  • How to find key words for searching a research topic
  • How to formulate research problem statement
  • Overview on budget estimation
  • Formulation of basic framework for a research plan and proposal
  • Overview on funding

Course Fees: Rs 3678 (INR) / 57$ USD

Advanced Course Overview: Duration - 60 days

Topics' Snapshot

  • Basic Course Included (FREE!)
  • Understanding statistical and clinical significance
  • Phases of clinical trials- case studies
  • Short study and Long study format
  • Detailed estimation of a project budget
  • How to find the available resources for a study (e.g, vendors, companies, consumables, etc.)
  • How to design the research study (sample size determination, study groups, etc.)
  • How to assess the impact and scope of study
  • Consent form structure
  • How to apply for national /Β  international funding (Step-by-step application guidelines)

Course Fees: Rs 7658 (INR) / 106$ (USD)

Confused which to join??

Here is a solution:

Join the Basic Course. You can Upgrade to the Advanced level anytime!

Who can attend: Open to national and international students, faculty or professionals from any field of healthcare (dental, medical, etc.), life sciences and technology.

How will be the course conducted:The entire course will be conducted through online self-paced learning sessionsΒ  with extensive brainstorming and innovative activities.

After registration fees payment, the participant will be added to an exclusive Whatsapp group and Private Facebook group. All communications as well as videos will be shared inside these groups as necessary.

The detailed schedule will be informed to registered participant.

  • Online Modules:Β  2-4 videos per week
  • Assignments and Testing Tickers
  • 2 Live Interactive Sessions for Basic Course
  • 6 Live Interactive Sessions for Advanced Course
  • Participant Events
  • Mini Project Proposal Completion And Evaluation On Topic of Choice Only for Advanced Course

Exam and Certification:Β The course will terminate with an evaluation exam followed by certification from Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics.

Exam pattern:Β 

  • For Basic Course: Final certification examΒ after completion of modules =Β 50 marks
  • For Advanced Course: Final certification exam after completion of modules = 100 marks