Periodontal Genetics

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98$ (USD) / 85 Euros for international participants

📌Did you get blown up😳 when you see a 100 marker question on your pg paper which states just one line.." role of genetics in periodontal disease"?

📌You read many reviews📖 from renowned journals to understand the genetic basis of periodontal disease.....still you do not have a clear concept.

📌Do you struggle😬 to figure out how much and what should be the content for writing an answer on Periodontal Genetics for a 10 mark, 25 mark or 100 mark?

📌Did you select your PhD project 🎓to explore genetic basis of gum disease or infectomics ...and you are confused with how to go about it? How to decide on what technologies has to be included ?

📌Are you fascinated to observe that patient🏥 response to Periodontal therapy like scaling, a routine dental procedure, is different for each individual though clinical symptoms might be same?

📌Are you preparing for national 🇮🇳and international🇺🇲 exams to scale up your career to the next level?

📌Did you get goosebumps whenever you learn to explore a periodontal pocket and wish to know what's happening inside the cells👄?

📌Do you love to dream to develop a chairside test⚕️ to predict the severity of gum disease for your patients even before clinical symptoms arise?

If your answer is🌟🌟 'YES" 🌟🌟for any of the above, you are at the right place 😀.

Enroll Yourself Today inside our 💯EXCLUSIVE course on 📌PERIODONTAL GENETICS! Don't Miss it! 😀 

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Course Objectives: This course aims to deliver basic to intermediate level of  knowledge focusing mainly towards the molecular genetic aspects of periodontal biology, periodontal pathologies, advanced diagnostic technologies and their applications in routine diagnosis, prognosis as well as insights to periodontal research.

Who can attend: Open to national and international undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhD students, from field of dental medicine. Anyone with an interest to explore more in the field of periodontal biology can join the program.

How will the course benefit the participant: A foundation course that will nurture the basic understanding of genetics,  genetic mapping, genetic risk factors for periodontitis,  as well as recent advancements in the field such as genomic technologies and salivomics in perspective of periodontal pathologies. The course is designed in a way to address any enthusiast at all career levels. The main objective is to enhance the understanding of practical implications of  the inherent science.

How will be the course conducted:The entire will be conducted through online self-paced learning sessions  with extensive brainstorming and innovative activities accompanied by case studies. The detailed schedule will be informed to registered participant.

  • Online Modules:  3-4 videos per week
  • Assignments and Testing Tickers
  • Self-paced learning

What will the participant achieve through the course? This course will help the participant to learn to look beyond the textbook and obtain an overall understanding of various facets of technological applications in early diagnosis, disease progression, and prognosis.

What will you learn: This course will provide an overall knowledge towards periodontal biology  starting right from basics of molecular genetics, cell biology and molecular biology aspects of periodontium, epigenetic signatures in periodontal disease, immunogenetic implications of periodontitis as well as the practical applications of  advanced molecular technologies, periodontal genomics and saliva diagnostics.

Exam and Certification: The course will terminate with an evaluation exam followed by certification from Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics.

Exam pattern: 

  • 4 Internal Assessments (two per month): MCQs (20 marks) + Case study solving (30 marks) = 50 marks
  • Final certification exam after completion of modules = 50 marks
  • Final Score will be calculated out of 100 marks.

Course fees:

Rs. 4999 (INR) for national participants

98$ (USD) / 85 Euros for international participants

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