Evaluation: Your assignment will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Understanding and explanation of the Central Dogma of Life Accuracy and completeness of answers Use of relevant examples and supporting evidence Clarity and organization of ideas Proper citation of sources

Write a blog on the Universal Nature of Genetics Word limit: 800 words Writing Style: Casual/ Conversational Important instructions: Download the attached blog template Use this template to write the blog. Save  the blog as a word document on your computer To submit, click on “Start Submitting Assignment” button  Upload the blog word file by

Design a clinical trial for solving. a problem in  craniofacial disorders Submit your document through email or whatsapp (+91 8436787974) Reference article:

Create your own digital CV. Copy the link from the browser and paste it in the description. Finally press submit

Write 10 points that you learnt from Lessons 1-4. Upload a word document or pdf file.  Remember to write your name, email address and date of submission at the top right-hand corner of the document This assignment carrie total 10 points

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