Launch Your Own Online Course In 7 Days


Launch Your Own Online Course in 7 Days

#Grand Challenge July 24 - 30, 2020

In the price of a movie ticket 🎬 and a popcorn🍿.........

Launch Your Own Online Course in 7 Days!

Learn the  🔒 secret 3 P ( Plan, Prepare, Publish) formula😃

( Our expert came up with this secret 3P formula through more than 5 years of experimentation, investments and mistakes. 🙂 She wishes to share this with you to save your time.)

No software, no camera required.📵

Challenge opens 🗝️on 24 July, 2020🎉🎉🎆

Who can attend: Students, Freshers, Professionals, Housewives, Individuals with career break, Retired personnel... practically anyone!👩‍🎓🆕👵💃🏌️‍♀️

What topic: Anything that you are passionate about and wish to teach.

How will this be done: The training will be done through LIVE sessions as well as daily assignments through a private WhatsAPP group which is accessible only to registered participants.

What will you achieve: At the end of the training you will be ready with you own online short course that you will create yourself during this training!

Ready to join this challenge?

Register now for Rs. 699 

Payment option: Google Pay to +91 8436787974 (Name: KROYNAS-IACDG)

For any query: Whatsapp Only ( no calls) @ +91 8436787974

Bonus🌠🌠 Tips on how to sale your course online!

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