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KROYNAS Scholarship

Never Stop Learning

KROYNAS Scholarship 2023 -24

Are you.....

Are you a passionate and driven individual with big dreams and a burning desire to make a positive impact on the world?

Are you looking for an opportunity to further your education and achieve your goals without the burden of financial constraints?

Look no further than the KROYNAS Scholarship Program!

What Will You Achieve AS a KROYNAS Scholar

Mentorship and Guidance

You will have access to a network of experienced professionals and mentors who will provide guidance, support, and valuable insights to help you navigate your educational journey and future career

Financial Support

Our scholarships will cover course cost up to 50%* and even provide additional support for research publications, internships, and international memberships*

Personal Growth & Development

We provide resources and opportunities for personal and professional development, including skill-building training, speaking opportunities, etc.

Step 1

Select A Course

Start by selecting one of the courses listed under the purview of the scholarship

Step 1

Step 2

Book Your Seat

Confirm your admission to the selected course by paying a nominal booking amount

Step 2

Step 3

Apply for Scholarship

Take an online exam followed by an interview

Step 3

Step 4

Get Sponsored

KROYNAS will cover up to 50%* of the course cost for qualified candidates as per their performance in the exam and interview

Step 4
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Important Points

The scholarship amount rewarded will be at the sole discretion of KROYNAS

The scholarship exam can be taken only once in one academic year

Open to national and international applicants

Take the first step toward realizing your dreams by applying today. Don’t let financial constraints hinder your potential. We believe in you and are committed to helping you reach new heights.

Invest in your future. Unleash your potential. Apply for the KROYNAS Scholarship today!

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