Dental Genomics

"It's been a great learning opportunity. I really appreciated the way things were made simple to understand to people with lil or no background on genomics. Thank you soo much for taking so much effort of making keeping timely assesments and qna sessions."

- Dr Karishma Ashok

"This was my first time taking a research based course and it really opened my perspective towards this field. Dr. Gargi is extremely dedicated, warm and interactive as a teacher. I genuinely appreciate her enthusiasm towards pushing us to interact more and come up with innovative ideas."


"I am very happy and glad to be in this Dental Genomics Course. I learnt new things and continue to learn more from other courses.Thank you Dr Gargi Roy Mam for ur valuable lessons and classes. Hope to learn more from you Mam. Thank you Mam"

- Dr Suvarna Mani

"This course has given me a whole new perspective of oral disease. It is a field that has been left unexplored by dentists. The mentor is super cool and lectures are mind blowing.I wish dental genomics becomes part of the curriculum in every dental university in India."

- Dr Juala Catherine

"Very informative course. I learnt a lot."

- Dr Manogari Chetty


- Dr Nimmy Anto

"Thank you so much for the wonderful sessions. It had been very enlightening. Looking forward for more such courses."

- Dr Nilima T. S.

"Excellent course. very informative .loved the way Dr.Gargi explained each and every step like a teaching a kid.Way to go,mam..Kuddos"

- Dr Priya Karthikeyan

"Amazing course .I enjoyed every single minute .Very systematic & simple .Thanks a lot for your effort"

- Dr Silvia Sabry Tawfik Tadros

"This course gave me a new thinking capability and a better understanding of genetics and genomics, it shows me a new path for the exploration and a new dimension to think about..... Thank you so much, Maam for your knowledge and enlightenment "

- Dr.Inder Pal Singh Muzalda

"It was an excellent experience, learned alot, helped to get wide arena of knowledge, looking forward for other courses. "

- Dr. Sonam Gehi

"It was an interesting course and really liked the ways it was conducted. I would definitely say it was a comprehensive course. Looking forward for the next such course."

- Dr. Ramesh Kumaresan

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2 Months Online Certificate Course In Dental Genomics

Course Objective: This course aims to deliver an overall and detailed understanding about the various practical and application aspects related to DNA extraction and purification protocols from different samples like saliva, blood, tissue, extracted teeth etc., amplification of DNA, analysis of DNA through high throughput molecular technologies such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (different types), Gel electrophoresis, Next Generation Sequencing(NGS) etc., identifying practical problem and troubleshooting, correct interpretation of results, clinical case selection and applications of NGS as well as including a real time experience to design study through a mini-project module.

Admissions Open

Course Start Date: May 15, 2021

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Whatsapp (only message no calls) at

+91 8436787974

For any queries mail us at

Who can attend: Open to all science enthusiast - students, faculty or professionals from any field of healthcare (dental, medical, etc.), science and technology. Anyone with an interest to explore more in the field of saliva diagnostics can join the program.

How will the course benefit the participant: A foundation course that will nurture the basics as well as recent advancements in the field of application of genomic technologies, research and development for disease diagnosis. The course is designed in a way to address any enthusiast at all career levels. The main objective is to enhance the understanding of practical implications of  the inherent science.

How will be the course conducted:The entire 18 hours course will be conducted through online self-paced learning sessions  with extensive brainstorming and innovative activities accompanied by case studies. The detailed schedule will be informed to registered participant.

  • Online Modules:  3-4 videos per week
  • Assignments and Testing Tickers
  • Self-paced learning

What will the participant achieve through the course? This course will help the participant to learn to look beyond the textbook and obtain an overall understanding of various facets of technological applications in disease diagnosis, prognosis, design treatment intervention as well as research and development.

Exam and Certification: The course will terminate with an evaluation exam followed by certification from Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics.

Exam pattern: 

4 Internal Assessments (two per month): MCQs (20 marks) + Case study solving (30 marks) = 50 marks

Final certification exam after completion of modules = 50 marks

Final Score will be calculated out of 100 marks.

Course fees:

Rs. 4999 (INR) (for national participants)

98$ USD / 85 Euros (for international participants)

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