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Session 1: Artificial Intelligence
This session will trace history of and introduce AI, machine learning and deep learning with present day examples of success. This session will introduce the main classes of algorithms - supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning.
Session 2: Supervised Learning
This session will define what is supervised learning by discussing two use cases that led to its development. The two use cases each will discuss regression and classification problems.
Session 3: Unsupervised learning
This session will contrast the requirements of supervised learning and discuss a famous use-case that led to its development. This session will introduce notion of clustering, the most popular unsupervised learning algorithm.
Session 4: Neural Networks
Within the framework of supervised algorithms, a particular class of algorithms, called deep learning, has become very successful. Deep learning algorithms all have basically a similar looking architecture that mimics the neurons in human brain. It is amazing that this has led to development of many succesful architectures across many inter-disciplinary fields.
Basics of Artificial Intelligence In Dentistry
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Samreen Mazhar 2 years ago
Very informative and interesting lecture
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