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Our Story

KROYNAS Pvt. Ltd. is the First and Only company in India providing online training and education & research consultancy services catering to Dental Genetics  and Saliva Diagnostics and Research as well as clinical medicine using molecular and  genomic technologies.


Our Vision

Through our academic endeavors (Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics), we are trying our best to bridge the gap of knowledge that presently prevails between the basic sciences and dental and clinical sciences. Our academic drive is to establish oral healthcare research as a parallel career alongwith clinical dentistry. We promote the benefits of embracing interdisciplinary scientific knowledge. and looking "Beyond the Textbook".

Our Endeavors

Saliva Diagnostics Devices

We are the exclusive partner representing Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation, USA in India. The unique proprietary range of saliva collection products which includes the *VerOFy® oral fluid rapid test platform, the *Versi•SAL® split sample saliva / oral fluid collection device, the DNA•SAL™ Salivary DNA collection device, Super•SAL™, a device for universal saliva collection and RNAPro•SAL™, a novel device for RNA and or protein collection for genomic applications or proteomics and LIAM™ [Light Image Analysis Module], a reading device for lateral flow test assessment and quantification.

Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics is the driving force behind unraveling our biological makeup at the genetic level. It analyzes genetic content for disease information and can examine specific DNA regions to identify genetic mutations/genetic materials that may result from bacterium, viruses or cancer. New technologies also look at RNA through micro RNAs and mRNAs. A person who is predisposed to a particular disease can make certain lifestyle changes to avoid and monitor development of the disease. Physicians can leverage a patient’s genetic information to select the optimal treatment strategy.

Point of Care Testing

Point of care testing is extremely effective when health care decisions must be made and appropriate actions must be taken in real time. Point-of-care testing provides immediate results when the patient is still at the clinic or other remote testing site. The resulting outcome is usually a more rapid diagnosis of disease leading to earlier enrollment into treatment regimens. Point-of-care testing is usually cost effective and can be performed by individuals with minimal training.

Oasis's VerOFy® point-of-care testing device is an enabling technology that may be used as the platform for the development of a series of qualitative and quantitative rapid saliva based diagnostic tests using lateral flow immunochromatography, latex agglutination, magnetic beads and others. Currently, we are interested in the areas of:

1. Preventive Oncology
2. Dementia
3. Obesity
4. Stress related depression
5. Autism
6. Diabetes
7. Hypertension
10. Pre-term births
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