Research Consultancy

1. Project planning: 

This includes:
a) Building up of an research idea from scratch or on a preliminary idea or study
b) Detailed project budgeting as per client's needs
c) Comparative market review of service providers available on a regional basis ( choice of service providers will be client's discretion)
d) Providing information on necessary tools and reagents alongwith the details of suppliers ( a comparative perspective of available suppliers  will be provided; choice of suppliers will be the client's decision)
e) Providing with a pre-formed research proposal template and one to one guidance sessions alongwith evaluation of the final proposal. The proposal writing has to be done by the investigator and or team.
f) Tips on funding opportunities relevant to the project
Minimum time required for completion:
7-10 days ( Number of days might vary depending on the intricacy of the project idea)

2. Project management: 

This includes all as mentioned in point number 1, that is, project planning  plus:
a)One to one mentoring and discussion sessions every 15 days of 2 hrs duration to understand and discuss the progress of the project
b)Technical troubleshooting during the experiments
c) In depth discussions on obtaining test reports and results through special sessions.
d) Evaluating step by step thesis writing process
e)Timely information about funding opportunities available
f) Supporting in developing collaborations on national or international level , if required for the betterment of the project
g) Any other extended support or advise needed while publishing
Duration: For the entire duration of the project

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